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The Citizens Rule Book is a useful tool for learning about the values upon which our country was founded. In addition, this handy pocketsized booklet contains essential information for jurors.

Contents include:

The complete text of The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.  Quotes by our Founding Fathers – John Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and others.  A summary of the Ten Commandments as compared to the Communist Manifesto.  A Handbook for Jurors, covering important topics about jury duty and juror’s rights.

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Citizen's Rule Book
Citizen’s Rule Book

History of the Citizens Rule Book.

A Legacy Continues.

The Citizens Rule Book is the creation of the late Charles Olsen, a commercial printer in Phoenix, with two other men.

Charles began publishing the booklet in 1976, simply as a way to get people to read the U.S. Constitution.  It was his way of saying, “Hey, there’s something wrong. These are the rules, and we’re not living by them.”  Three of Olsen’s sons continue to publish the booklet in remembrance of their father, who died in 1990, but also because they believe in the message.

“It’s just that the Constitution was supposed to be for everyone … Now we’ve got judges set up as kings … making rules. The book stands for itself.”

Demand for the book has grown steadily over the years. Whitten Printers sells the booklet at cost.

Charles Olsen probably would be surprised at how popular it has become!